Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ashley DiParlo Leaves WTAE and the Burgh

I just found out that last Friday, 3/27/2009, was Ashley DiParlo's last day on WTAE-TV 4. Ashley was WTAE-TV's first "Web Reporter". She hosted the "Plugged In" report and co-hosted the "Links N At" videos. Ashley posted a farewell post on her blog, "The Plugged In" Blog on WTAE and Wordpress. What exactly is a "Web Reporter"? Ashley reported on just about anything that you could find on the web - entertainment, finance, sports, shopping, etc. She did not just report about technology, which was a good strategy to attract and kept viewers. It also helped that Ashley was very cute and had a very pleasant, upbeat, personality. She is best described as a "Sweetheart" - you will see her pic in Websters next to Sweetheart. Why is she leaving? Well, she is getting married, and moving out of the Burgh. Sorry to all the single guys who thought they had a chance. I am hoping the "Boomerang Effect" takes place - a Burgher leaves our great city, then returns a few years later. Yes, I was a Boomerang. I left in my mid 20's and returned to the Burgh in my late 30's. Anyway, Best Wishes to Ashley DiParlo.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring 2009

For the first day of Spring 2009, the high temperature is forecast to be 41 degrees. Lovely. Where have I been the last month? Hibernating of course. More posts to follow. I just upgraded to Internet Explorer version 8, and it will not allow me to log on to www.blogger.com. So, I log on OK to www.blogger.com with Firefox, and it takes me about 3 attempts before I can add an image to this post. Anyway, Happy Spring 2K9 to everyone!