Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sam's Club - Mt Nebo Point Drive

Stop, no you did not reach my blog in error. Do not leave this site yet. I have directions and info on the Sam's Club in the North Hills of Pittsburgh that moved from McKnight Rd to Mt Nebo Point Drive. Please read my previous posts below. I am trying to help you, my fellow consumer. Keyword Analysis from and shows that the #1 keyword search that brings people like you to my site is "Sams Club, Mt Nebo Point Drive". In my opinion, Sam's Club did not do a good job of informing people how to get to their new location. So, that is why I have posted info here and that is why I continue to post about Sam's Club at Mt Nebo Point Drive on a weekly basis. I want you to reach my site so I can help all of the lost Sam's Club shoppers.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

To increase my body weight, I need to consume more calories than I burn. This means that I must eat more. This means eating the right foods, eating more frequent, smaller meals. One of the side effects of eating more is garbage in, garbage out. This is only temporary. My body will eventually adjust.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekly Review - 6/18/2006

Last week, I completed two workouts and mowed the lawn two times. To increase my weight, I need to exercise all body parts at least once a week. I fell short last week. Yesterday, I worked my back, but I also added biceps. My previous thinking that I could work out 4 days - (chest, back, legs, arms) and get good results may not work. With summer, I need to spend at least one day mowing the lawn, which takes away one day that I could work out. Yesterday was the first time in a very long time that I combined a compound body part (back) with a secondary body part (biceps). Physically, I am sore, but mentally, it feels good to be sore. My 3 day a week workout should be: Day 1) chest and triceps, Day 2) back and biceps, and Day 3) quadriceps and hamstrings. Abs would be worked in when I feel like it.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Weigh In #2

Today, I bought a new bathroom scale at WalMart. It is a Taylor 5571P. In addition to being a scale, it measures body fat, and percentage of total body water. Body fat is determined by sending a small amount of electricity to the body. If you wear a pacemaker, this scale is not for you. The technology is called Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA). I do not know how accurate the body fat readings are, but at least I will have a baseline to record my readings. The results: 145.5 lbs, 9.0% bodyfat, 72.0% total body water. It just confirms that I have really lost too much weight. I weight less than 150 lbs now. My new favorite, cute, attractive, married WalMart cashier was working today. I will not post her first name to protect her identity.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Directions, Sams Club, 289 Mt Nebo Point Drive

I have gotten a lot of hits on my blog looking for information on Sams Club in the North Hills, which recently moved from McKnight Rd to 289 Mt Nebo Point Drive. The problem I had with finding Mt Nebo Point Drive is that no mapping software (Streets and Trips, Delorme Street Atlas) or internet site (Mapquest) has Mt Nebo Point Drive in their database yet. Mt Nebo Point Drive is located near the intersection of Camp Horne Rd and Mt Nebo Rd.

If you are coming from I-279 and know where the Camp Horne Rd exit is:
Take the Camp Horne Rd exit.
You do not want to head towards Emsworth (West).
Head North/East on Camp Horne Rd and look for signs for Mt Nebo Rd or Lowries Run Rd (the Greenbelt)
Continue East on the Greenbelt, Lowries Run Rd, until you see a new PNC Bank.
Make a Left.
Travel in a clockwise curve around the left side of PNC Bank.
At the stop sign, make a right turn.
Travel up the hill in a counterclockwise curve.
When you reach the top of the Hill, Sams Club will be on the left.

If you are coming from the intersection of McKnight Rd and the Greenbelt (Babcock Blvd on the West side of McKnight, Peebles Rd on the East side of McKnight Rd) the directions are basically follow the Greenbelt until you see a PNC Bank, make a right at the bank, circle the bank on its left side, stop at stop sign, make a right turn up hill, reach top of hill, Sams Club is on the left side.

Here are more detailed instructions from McKnight Rd and the Greenbelt. This is the intersection where McKnight Rd and the Northway Mall cross.
Turn onto Babcock Blvd (Greenbelt) from McKnight Rd.
Continue on Babcock Blvd until Greenbelt becomes Third Degree Rd.
Continue on Third Degree Rd until you reach Rt 19, Perry Highway.
At the intersection, make a right onto Perry Highway.
At light, make left from Perry Highway onto Sewickley Oakmont Rd.
Follow signs for Greenbelt.
At intersection, Rochester Rd is right, make left onto Rochester Lowries Rd.
Follow signs for Greenbelt.
Make right onto Lowries Run Rd.
Look for PNC Bank on right.
Make right at PNC Bank.
Travel in a clockwise curve around the left side of PNC Bank.
At the stop sign, make a right turn.
Travel up the hill in a counterclockwise curve.
When you reach the top of the Hill, Sams Club will be on the left.

Hope this helps everyone looking for the Sams Club at 289 Mt Nebo Point Drive!

The Weigh In

For kicks, I decided to weigh myself today. The scale said 146 lbs. I can not believe it, I weigh less than 150 lbs. Is the scale wrong? Probably. I placed two 25 lb plates on the scale, and it read 55 lbs. Could the 146 lbs be an overestimate? If the scale is accurate plus or minus 5 lbs, then I really lost a lot of weight. I will have to go out and buy an accurate digital scale.

I have noticed that my body composition seems to have changed. My chest is not full anymore, rather flabby. I measured my chest with a tape measure and it only measures 38 inches. Most of my shirts are size large, and most of them fit baggy on me. My waist is less than 32 inches, my pants size, because most of my pants fall off of my hips. However, my stomach seems to have bulged out. I really have to get myself back in shape. It is summer, and everyone wears less clothing – shorts, t-shirts, muscle shirts, and tank tops. I want to look half decent this summer. Another thing I noticed about my physique are the veins that are visible where my shoulder meets my chest. This vein runs from the shoulder down the upper arm/bicep. These veins were not visible a year ago. Being able to see veins means that there is a low amount of body fat in the area. Time to go now.

Weekly Review for 6/11/2006

I completed 4 workouts and I mowed the lawn once. I was surprised at how much I completed last week. However, by Friday, I was really tired. I slept 8 hours straight on Friday evening, amazing. I still need to work on getting more sleep and cutting down on the carbs before going to bed.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Big Ben Statement, Apology, Overkill

Ben Roethlisberger issued a statement through the Pittsburgh Steelers concerning his motorcycle accident. I will not go into details because frankly I am quite sick of hearing it recited by the Pittsburgh media over and over again. The Pittsburgh TV media will not recite the statement in its entirety. Instead, they will recite a few sentences, add some video clips or comments from fans, stop, go on to another totally unrelated story, then recite a few more sentences, and continue this relentless cycle. His whole statement gets spread out across the entire newscast. Unbelievable. And the print media, like the Post Gazette, is doing the same thing. It the media keeps reciting the whole damn statement, I will start to memorize it, almost like the pledge of allegiance.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Weekly Review - 6/4/2006

Last week I completed two workouts and mowed the lawn once. I lost some motivation at the end of last week. I am worried about the stability of my job. I have not been eating as healthy as I should, especially before I go to bed. Before I go to bed, I usually eat 2 or 3 six ounce cups of yogurt. But lately, I have also been eating Pop Tarts, Granola Bars, or other carbohydrates in addition to the yogurt. At the end of last week, my lack of sleep really affected my motivation to work out. I just feel too tired when I do not get enough sleep. It is getting late, so I better go now.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mt Nebo Point - Sams Club

I made it to Sam's Club at Mt Nebo Point this morning. The one thing I noticed immediately was the drive up the long, curvy, winding road to the top of the hill. At least there is no chance of ever getting flooded up here, it is so high. This road should be quite interesting during inclement weather. The re-located Sam's is larger than the old one on McKnight Rd. It is about the same size as all of the other newer Sam's Clubs - Butler, Robinson, Greensburg, Washington, and Century III. Yes, I have been to all of these Sam's Clubs. I could not find a few items that I was looking for - MSM tablets and Balance Bars. I am not sure if I just could not find them or if they stopped carrying these items. The McKnight Rd Sams was the only one I knew that carried the diet versions of Red Bull and Monster Energy drinks. I was pleased to see that they still carry these items.

I also stopped in at the Target. It was kind of dead for a Saturday morning. I believe the Target near Wexford is moving next to the Kohl's near McKnight Rd. I am not sure how they decide to strategically place these Targets. There is one in Cranberry plus one will open up in Gibsonia on Route 8. You would think the Target Gods would try to distribute the stores so they are not too close to each other.

Mt Nebo Point has a lot of empty stores right now. The main anchors are Sam's Club, Target, and the Sportsman's Warehouse. Here is a pic high atop Mt Nebo Point. You can see I-279 and on the left side the Home Depot and Giant Eagle if you look real close. Later.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where in the World is Sam's Club?

I went out shopping this Saturday morning. One of my stops, Sam's Club, on McKnight Rd, has moved. I was there a couple of weeks ago and overheard some of the employees talking about them moving. I did not think much about it until this morning, when I pulled into an empty lot on McKnight Rd. At least they had a sign out with the address of their new location, 289 Mt Nebo Point Drive. Mt Nebo Point is located at the intersection of Camp Horne Rd and Mt Nebo Rd. Apparently, there has been some controversy about Mt Nebo Point. There always is when a developer decides to build a new shopping development with major retailers like Target and Sam's Club. I usually do not head out that way, but I will make a trip tomorrow to check it out.

Some other thoughts on my shopping adventure:

WalMart in Gibsonia, Route 8 - I saw a new cashier that I have not seen there before. She was blonde, with shoulder length hair, very attractive face, nice figure shown off with a low cut tight fitting top, good with kids, and unfortunately wearing a wedding ring on her left hand. I will have to make more frequent trips to my local Wal Mart.

Sears, Ross Park Mall - I was looking for some C-clamps or spring clamps in the tools department. I noticed at least 4 or 5 teenaged employees just standing around in a huddle just talking. Was the store that slow or are they overstaffed? There was one cute female teenager in the middle of the huddle, all of the male teenagers surrounded her like a queen bee.

Arby's, McKnight Rd - As I was sitting down eating my lunch, a customer walking through the parking lot caught my eye. No, not an attractive female, but a male with hair that looked SO FAKE. It had to be a hair piece. I tried not to stare and check it out, but it looked so stupid. As this older dude walked in the door, he placed one hand on his hair. It was like he was making sure his hair piece was in place. Almost like when you adjust a baseball hat on your head.

Enough of my shopping adventure.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Ring Bling

Check out these pics of the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Rings. They are SO COOL ! There really is not much for me to say here. The pics say it all.

Weekly Review - 5/28/2006

Last week, I mowed the lawn twice and had two real workouts. I am slowing easing myself back with the weights - the poundages and reps are not completely where they normally are. I saw the Hand Dr. today for a follow up appointment for DeQuervain's Tendinitis. About a month ago, I was given a cortison injection in my right wrist. Everything seems pretty well, almost 100% recovered. I say almost, because I am not quite where I should be with my weights and my right wrist seems to get "tired" after working out. The doctor quoted a very high percentage (over 75%) where one cortisone injection will be enough for a complete recovery. He said there are rare instances where a second injection is needed. He told me to monitor my progress and call the office back if my problem reoccurs.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Piss Me Off - Inspired Workout

I promised myself that I would not talk about work on my blog, just my life outside of work. However, someone at work yesterday sent me an e-mail which really pissed me off. It is still bugging me this weekend. I will not go into details, but I had an inspired workout yesterday evening. Here is a pic of HE-MAN from the Masters of the Universe. This is how I felt when I was working out. HE-MAN is also similar to a nickname that some of my co-workers call me on occasion. My last name rhymes with HE, so my nickname is my LastName-MAN.

I worked my chest - barbell presses and dumbbell presses at almost 100% of my capacity. My injured wrist from a few months back, DeQuervains Tendinitis, is probably 90% recovered. I have a follow up Dr. appointment this Monday. While my wrist was injured, I could not do any push ups. I have not tried any push ups yet, maybe next week.

Speaking of Dr. appointments, I had a dentist appointment yesterday. One of my previous fillings is deteriorating, so I will need to get it re-filled. On the plus side, the dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth was a cutie. Too young for a forty something guy like me, but still a cutie. I also got an impression made of my lower teeth for a night guard for my Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) symdrome. In layman's terms, I grind my teeth at night. I also clench my teeth when I am stressed out, so I wear a mouth guard when I work out. Much like Kurt Angle, who now wears a mouth guard when he wrestles.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Weekly Review - 5/21/2006

I only managed to complete two non traditional workouts last week. One day I washed my car. This works the shoulders and triceps. On 5/25/2006, I mowed the lawn. I lowered the height on the lawn mower one notch because of the upcoming rain and also because I would be at my mother’s house over the Memorial Day weekend. I did not finish mowing the lawn until about 8:45 PM. It was a long evening. My backyard does not connect to another backyard, just a big open area, so I bag my grass clippings and dump the clippings in the big open area. Setting the height adjustment one notch lower resulted in numerous trips down my sloped backyard to the big open area. I now have to mow the lawn every 6 or 5 days. If I wait 7 days, the grass gets too long. Work took away two of my evenings for possible workouts. One of those evenings I worked late. The other evening was spent driving back from Bedford, PA. My job sometimes requires me to travel to Bedford, PA. It took me longer to complete what I needed too, thus the late evening.