Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where in the World is Sam's Club?

I went out shopping this Saturday morning. One of my stops, Sam's Club, on McKnight Rd, has moved. I was there a couple of weeks ago and overheard some of the employees talking about them moving. I did not think much about it until this morning, when I pulled into an empty lot on McKnight Rd. At least they had a sign out with the address of their new location, 289 Mt Nebo Point Drive. Mt Nebo Point is located at the intersection of Camp Horne Rd and Mt Nebo Rd. Apparently, there has been some controversy about Mt Nebo Point. There always is when a developer decides to build a new shopping development with major retailers like Target and Sam's Club. I usually do not head out that way, but I will make a trip tomorrow to check it out.

Some other thoughts on my shopping adventure:

WalMart in Gibsonia, Route 8 - I saw a new cashier that I have not seen there before. She was blonde, with shoulder length hair, very attractive face, nice figure shown off with a low cut tight fitting top, good with kids, and unfortunately wearing a wedding ring on her left hand. I will have to make more frequent trips to my local Wal Mart.

Sears, Ross Park Mall - I was looking for some C-clamps or spring clamps in the tools department. I noticed at least 4 or 5 teenaged employees just standing around in a huddle just talking. Was the store that slow or are they overstaffed? There was one cute female teenager in the middle of the huddle, all of the male teenagers surrounded her like a queen bee.

Arby's, McKnight Rd - As I was sitting down eating my lunch, a customer walking through the parking lot caught my eye. No, not an attractive female, but a male with hair that looked SO FAKE. It had to be a hair piece. I tried not to stare and check it out, but it looked so stupid. As this older dude walked in the door, he placed one hand on his hair. It was like he was making sure his hair piece was in place. Almost like when you adjust a baseball hat on your head.

Enough of my shopping adventure.

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