Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mt Nebo Point - Sams Club

I made it to Sam's Club at Mt Nebo Point this morning. The one thing I noticed immediately was the drive up the long, curvy, winding road to the top of the hill. At least there is no chance of ever getting flooded up here, it is so high. This road should be quite interesting during inclement weather. The re-located Sam's is larger than the old one on McKnight Rd. It is about the same size as all of the other newer Sam's Clubs - Butler, Robinson, Greensburg, Washington, and Century III. Yes, I have been to all of these Sam's Clubs. I could not find a few items that I was looking for - MSM tablets and Balance Bars. I am not sure if I just could not find them or if they stopped carrying these items. The McKnight Rd Sams was the only one I knew that carried the diet versions of Red Bull and Monster Energy drinks. I was pleased to see that they still carry these items.

I also stopped in at the Target. It was kind of dead for a Saturday morning. I believe the Target near Wexford is moving next to the Kohl's near McKnight Rd. I am not sure how they decide to strategically place these Targets. There is one in Cranberry plus one will open up in Gibsonia on Route 8. You would think the Target Gods would try to distribute the stores so they are not too close to each other.

Mt Nebo Point has a lot of empty stores right now. The main anchors are Sam's Club, Target, and the Sportsman's Warehouse. Here is a pic high atop Mt Nebo Point. You can see I-279 and on the left side the Home Depot and Giant Eagle if you look real close. Later.

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