Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Weigh In

For kicks, I decided to weigh myself today. The scale said 146 lbs. I can not believe it, I weigh less than 150 lbs. Is the scale wrong? Probably. I placed two 25 lb plates on the scale, and it read 55 lbs. Could the 146 lbs be an overestimate? If the scale is accurate plus or minus 5 lbs, then I really lost a lot of weight. I will have to go out and buy an accurate digital scale.

I have noticed that my body composition seems to have changed. My chest is not full anymore, rather flabby. I measured my chest with a tape measure and it only measures 38 inches. Most of my shirts are size large, and most of them fit baggy on me. My waist is less than 32 inches, my pants size, because most of my pants fall off of my hips. However, my stomach seems to have bulged out. I really have to get myself back in shape. It is summer, and everyone wears less clothing – shorts, t-shirts, muscle shirts, and tank tops. I want to look half decent this summer. Another thing I noticed about my physique are the veins that are visible where my shoulder meets my chest. This vein runs from the shoulder down the upper arm/bicep. These veins were not visible a year ago. Being able to see veins means that there is a low amount of body fat in the area. Time to go now.

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