Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Injury 2014

I had my first injury of 2014.  As usual, it was a self inflicted injury.  It happened the morning of 1/8/2014, the day after the "polar vortex".  I was dropping off some mail at my local post office.  The car window was frozen, so I had to open the door.  I was wearing a new pair of gloves, and I dropped the mail on the ground.  As I went to pick up the mail, my foot was not on the brake, so the car drifted.  I had the grab the gear shift to change it from Drive to Park, and that's when I tweaked my right wrist.  It is a same wrist that I injured a few years ago.  I have been stretching it, but it is not completely better yet.  I have found that most of my self inflicted injuries usually happen after I had a layoff or extended break from working out. It's tough getting old.  The joints aren't as flexible as they used to be.