Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rambling Reps

Just a few random rambling thoughts running in my brain lately:

  1. Cold Update - It has been 3 weeks already. I am better, but not 100% yet. My last lingering symptom is a slight cough and drainage in my throat. About twice a week, I will get an exercise induced asthma attack.
  2. DSL Broadband Service - I had to call tech support for my DSL provider because I could not access my DSL router to enable the WiFi. There were two problems: 1) My DSL router was not configured properly, so I had to reset it back to factory defaults; 2) It appears the firewall software that I was using, Comodo, was causing issues. I have switched to Zone Alarm, but would like to use Comodo once I figure out where I screwed up.
  3. Charlie Sheen - Has he lost his mind?
  4. Lindsay Lohan - What happened to the sweet girl that was in the movie "Mean Girls"? I thought she was cute and adorable in "Mean Girls", but I guess she has grown up, and not too well.
  5. I am ready for Spring.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Random Reps

So I have been a bad blogger, I have not posted since 1/1/2011. Just a couple ramblings:

  1. I just caught my first cold of the year. I am a little congested with nasal drainage, lovely.
  2. I am been lazy with my workouts. I guess every winter, I gain a some insulation around my tummy.
  3. I switched from dial up internet access to broadband DSL service. Went from 56 kps to 3 Mbs. Big difference, but my PC is still old, so on line videos are not great. I am please with the speed.
  4. Getting ready to watch the Superbowl. Go Steelers !