Thursday, June 01, 2006

Weekly Review - 5/21/2006

I only managed to complete two non traditional workouts last week. One day I washed my car. This works the shoulders and triceps. On 5/25/2006, I mowed the lawn. I lowered the height on the lawn mower one notch because of the upcoming rain and also because I would be at my mother’s house over the Memorial Day weekend. I did not finish mowing the lawn until about 8:45 PM. It was a long evening. My backyard does not connect to another backyard, just a big open area, so I bag my grass clippings and dump the clippings in the big open area. Setting the height adjustment one notch lower resulted in numerous trips down my sloped backyard to the big open area. I now have to mow the lawn every 6 or 5 days. If I wait 7 days, the grass gets too long. Work took away two of my evenings for possible workouts. One of those evenings I worked late. The other evening was spent driving back from Bedford, PA. My job sometimes requires me to travel to Bedford, PA. It took me longer to complete what I needed too, thus the late evening.

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