Sunday, May 21, 2006

Under Armour

Under Armour makes great compression clothing for working out. My exercise equipment is in my basement, which gets cold in the winter and is a bit chilly in the summer with my whole house air conditioner turned on. In the winter, I wear Under Armour's ColdGear line. I wear a mock turtleneck and leggings. They are great for wearing outside when I am shoveling snow off the driveway or using the snowblower.

In warmer weather, I have always worn compression shorts by HIND for the longest time. I started wearing them when they were not cool for guys to wear them. In warmer weather, I have never worn compression wear for my upper body. I bought Reebok's Play Dry compression T Shirts from Kohls a few weeks ago because they were 40 percent off, and with an additional 15 percent off coupon, the final price was way cheaper than Under Armour. The Play Dry compression T Shirt feels great. The compression feeling puts me in a better state of mind to work out. It is tight against my chest, biceps, and abs. I feel more pumped up. I highly recommend wearing compression clothing for both the upper and lower body.

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