Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weekly Review – 4/23/2006

Last week was not a productive week. I was feeling down because of the uncertainty about my wrist injury. I did not do any lifting at all for the third week in a row. I mowed the lawn twice and had one aerobic session.

For lack of a better term, my midsection feels bloated this week. I attribute this to my lack of weight lifting and aerobic exercise the past three weeks. Plus when I was less active, I did not decrease my caloric intake.

My plan for this week is still no lifting until the weekend. I will try to increase the number of cardio sessions this week. I will also try to avoid eating complex carbohydrates before going to bed. I will just eat yogurt.

I have found that after an extended break from working out, the amount of time to get back in shape is roughly the same amount of time as my break. This is week four, so it should take me roughly four weeks to get back in shape.

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