Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sam's Club - Mt Nebo Point Drive

Stop, no you did not reach my blog in error. Do not leave this site yet. I have directions and info on the Sam's Club in the North Hills of Pittsburgh that moved from McKnight Rd to Mt Nebo Point Drive. Please read my previous posts below. I am trying to help you, my fellow consumer. Keyword Analysis from and shows that the #1 keyword search that brings people like you to my site is "Sams Club, Mt Nebo Point Drive". In my opinion, Sam's Club did not do a good job of informing people how to get to their new location. So, that is why I have posted info here and that is why I continue to post about Sam's Club at Mt Nebo Point Drive on a weekly basis. I want you to reach my site so I can help all of the lost Sam's Club shoppers.

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