Monday, July 03, 2006

Weekly Review for 6/25/2006

I completed three workouts and mowed the lawn two days. I am pleased with last's weeks efforts. I actually worked all body parts last week. I added triceps to my chest day and added biceps to my back day. For my chest/triceps workout, I increased the poundages, but I did not feel sore afterwards. A good sign, this means I have been lifting too light. I did have difficulty completing my last set on my chest, so I can improve here. Also, my right elbow was not sore, which is also a good thing. Overall, a very productive week.

I was at my local Wal Mart last Saturday, and caught a glimpse of my favorite cashier. I observed WMGirl bagging items in front of me, and damn, she has biceps. Not bulging, but very toned arms, very appealing. I was in the line where there were two cashiers, I seem to end up with the other cashier though.

I made a trip to my local GNC to buy some protein powder. I decided to increase my protein intake since I am taking my workouts more seriously. Every morning, I eat a bowl of Quaker Instant Oatmeal and mix in one scoop of protein powder and Sunmaid raisins. I used to take another scoop before going to bed by mixing the protein powder with yogurt. For some reason or another, I stopped my yogurt/protein mix before going to bed. I am starting it up again. In the past, I have always purchased Designer Whey Protein, Strawberry, in a 5 lb plastic bucket. I was disappointed that my local GNC did not stock the 5 lb size. I checked on the internet and noticed that not too many on line retailers carry the 5 lb size. I had to settle for the 2 lb container. Optimum Nutrition does offer a 5 lb size in Strawberry flavor, so the next time I may have to buy Optimum Nutrition's brand.

I ran into a gal who used to live in my development a few blocks away. I will refer to her as the RunnerGirl. I never actually carried on a conversation with RunnerGirl, but I always saw her running through the development. She was a brunette, taller in person, fairly attractive. She was surprised to see me also. I believe she moved because she re-married.

Anyway, time to go.

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