Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lights Out

So the burning question at work has been "Do you have power yet?" The power at my house went out around half time of the Steeler game, approximately 10:00PM Sunday. My house has always been more likely to have a power outage than say my neighbor one block away. My next door neighbor told me once that my house and her's are on a different "grid", and we always get more outages. I was well prepared, I have candles, matches, flashlights, batteries. However, I did not have enough batteries for either one of my two boom boxes, so I could not listen to the Steeler game. I am a night owl, so I had not done the dishes or ironed any clothes for Monday. I even had a load of laundry in the washer which was just about to run through the rinse cycle. I still did not have any power when I woke up for work on Monday. During work, I called my home to see if my answering machine would answer. Finally, around 3:00PM, I had power. I feel very fortunate, I was only without power for about 15 hours.

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