Monday, December 08, 2008

Janelle Hall Dance Video

I have to thank Janelle Hall for getting me out of my writer's block with this blog. Sure, I have a couple of excuses: the Thanksgiving Holiday, a business trip out of town for a week, and a sprained ankle. Or me just being lazy.

A charity event called "Dancing With The Celebrities of Pittsburgh" took place this weekend. The 3 major TV stations each had a few of their TV news anchors participating. To my delight and viewing pleasure, WTAE posted a video clip of Janelle Hall's dance. As I have mentioned before in previous posts, Janelle Hall is my favorite female TV news anchor in Pittsburgh. She is tall, attractive, and I absolutely love her bubbly on-air personality. Janelle sometimes will guest news anchor on WDVE in the morning and here she shows more of her appealing personality on the radio. Some will argue that KDKA's Sonni Abatta is hotter, but not me.

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Andy said...

Nice, very nice, thanks!