Friday, April 10, 2009

PG's Rob Owen Praises Janelle Hall's Shooting Coverage

Rob Owen, TV editor for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, praised WTAE TV weekend morning anchor Janelle Hall for her live coverage of the Stanton Heights shooting last Saturday. "Janelle Hall made the best impression. She handled the live ongoing coverage with a calm, steady tone and managed to avoid repeating herself too often, one of the easiest traps for a news anchor to stumble into in this sort of situation."

Mr. Owen reviewed Saturday's TV coverage of the 3 local TV stations in his Post Gazette Blog, "Tuned In Journal". "Hall was particularly skilled at narrating to fill gaps -- so necessary in breaking news coverage -- with an empathetic but professional demeanor that did not strike me as overly repetitous."

As you know, Janelle Hall is my favorite local TV news anchor. She is not just attractive, but a skilled and talented news anchor.

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