Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Reps

1. Raises - My supervisor informed me today that I qualify for a percentage increase in my salary versus a one time lump sum payment. I also found out I will receive a one time incentive bonus for my company's performance last year. Direct Deposit tomorrow. Hooray!!!

2. Toyota Recall - My 2010 Pontiac Vibe, which is really a Toyota Matrix, is part of the Toyota recall. There are actually two recalls: the accelerator pedal and the floor mat. The accelerator pedal fix is available now, the floormat fix is not available yet. I have not taken my Vibe to the dealer yet. I have been following this story since it broke. I do not have any faith that the suggested fixes are the real solution. Over 60 consumers reported last week that after the so called fixes were applied, the sudden unintended acceleration problems actually became worse. Apparently, the floor mat fix includes a change to the car's computer software, and this seems to have made things worse. I am mad at Toyota - their actions say cover up. I am mad at NHTSA (sometimes pronounced NITSA) for being Nitwits. I am not sure what to do with my car: drive it, sell it, trade it in, wait for a "real" solution, wait to join a class action lawsuit.

3. BB#7 - You are a great quarterback on the football field. Off the field, you are an IDIOT.

4. Workouts - I can not use snow shoveling as an excuse for not working out. So, this week, I managed two weight lifting sessions.

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