Sunday, March 20, 2011

Google is Great

Google is Great. I was watching re-runs of the CBS series Cold Case, and decided to do a Google search for the lead actress Kathryn Morris. I found a great fan site, Kathryn Morris Fan, with an amazing picture gallery. This pic is from Oct 16th, 2010 - the 20th Annual Environmental Media Awards. She is 41 years old in this picture. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Avril Lavigne, Goodbye Lullaby

Avril Lavigne released her fourth album today, Goodbye Lullaby. I have not purchased the album yet, so I do not have a review. So far, reviews have been mixed. Since her last album, Avril has gone through a divorce, and is now 26 years old. She is not a teenager anymore, and is growing as an adult, hence the perceived difference in her new album. I am a big fan, but I will keep an open mind. Here is a link to a live performance on MSN, Enjoy!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Orie Mistrial - Cut and Paste Hack Job

The judge in the case for Senator Jane Orie declared a mistrial today. The reason, the defense submitted some documents where the signatures where doctored, a bad cut and paste job. I did my own cut and paste job and show the doctored sections side by side.
  1. Look at the "Original" - You will see two signatures, one is on top of the other and the two signatures overlap.
  2. Look at "Cut/Paste 1" - Look and you will see that the signature still has the overlap area.
  3. Look at "Cut/Paste 2" - The most obvious part is the red circle where you see two black underlines. The green circle shows a bad attempt to white out the overlap area.

You would think with today's software and technology, the cut/paste job would have been better. Both the Post Gazette and the Tribune Review have electronic copies of the doctored documents.