Saturday, December 08, 2012

New Distraction

Here is my new distraction, a harmonica.  I decided on a harmonica, because I wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument.  Why?  It's something I have never learned before and a different type of learning experience.  Most of my learning is cerebral, not artistic, and that is the challenge I wanted to have.  In elementary school, I remember taking an aptitude test for music because the school wanted to look for future band students.  I did not make the cut.

I initially thought about learning the guitar, then I realized the cost and the amount of space it would take up.  My next option was the harmonica.  I searched Google to make sure there were resources available online for learning the harmonica, and yeah there are plenty.

My next decision was what harmonica should I buy.  I did my research and decided on the Suzuki Folkmaster.  I read that a beginner should pay around $30.00 for a good harmonica because it is harder to learn on cheaper ones.  I also read don't spend less than $10.00.  I decided to spend between those two prices, so the $15.00 Suzuki Folkmaster was my choice.  Beginners can "blow out" a reed, so I decided to go with a cheaper model.  Plus, if I lose interest or totally suck, $15.00 is not that much money.

I have been practicing for about two weeks now and yes I am still a beginner.  I can play "Row Row Your Boat" once.  The harmonica is a "blind" instrument.  You cannot see what you are doing.  You have to rely on sound, feel, and muscle memory.  The harmonica is sometimes called a blues harp, or just harp.  I will keep harp'n away and see what happens.

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