Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Back on the Bench

Yesterday, I made my first attempt in 3 months to exercise my upper body. I have been on a self imposed, but wise, decision to let my elbow tendonitis heal since the beginning of November. My elbow is not entirely healed yet, but I really need to do something before my body turns into Jello. My weight and percentage bodyfat has not changed significantly in 3 months, but my body seems to have re-distributed itself. I do not want to re-aggravate my elbow tendonitis, so I was very careful with my workout. Yesterday, I attempted some bench presses with a few differences from my normal routine. I dropped the poundages to one-third of my normal poundages and I completed only partial repetitions so my arms were not fully extended with elbows locked. So how do I feel? My chest is actually a little sore. It is probably a result of my inactivity and not the actual poundages. I also completed the partial repetitions very slowly and with good form. One of my objectives from last night was to get my body accustomed to the movement again, muscle memory as it is called. My elbow is not sore today, so it seems like I accomplished what I wanted to. I am pleased that I am taking baby steps to getting back into the groove of things.

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