Monday, February 04, 2008

Tennis Elbow Update - 2/4/2008

I saw my hand surgeon this AM for a follow up visit after receiving a cortisone shot one month ago. I had an 8:30AM appointment and was pleasantly surprised by the non-existent wait time and the very pretty receptionist who could have a second career as a model. Anyway, my grip strength has improved but is not quite equal to the grip strength in my good arm. The Doc recommended gripping/carrying items with my elbow bent versus elbow extended straight out. Also, I should carry items palm up versus palm down. This puts less stress on the elbow. My Doc likes to spread out cortisone shots every 3 months if necessary. I should also wear a Band-It elbow strap as needed. He did not schedule a follow up appointment. Instead I am supposed to schedule an appointment if my progress starts to go backwards.

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