Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tool Time

As a homeowner, my collection of power tools has grown steadily. This past weekend, I applied a second coat of driveway sealer. The sealer comes in 5 gallon buckets, and I used a large paint stirrer attached to a corded electric drill to mix the sealant. The keyless chuck on the drill got stuck, and I had to use two pipe wrenches to loosen the chuck, which eventually broke the keyless chuck. My backup plan was to use my cordless drill, which I hardly use, so I had to wait about one hour for the battery to charge before I could use it. Later, I discovered that my second battery was dead and would not recharge. So, now I have a broken corded electric drill and a cordless drill with only one battery. I checked for a replacement battery on Sears’ website and found out that a replacement battery costs $60. For $60 I can buy two new corded drills or a whole new cordless drill. I have started to look online and my local Lowes and Home Depot. Decisions, Decisions.

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