Monday, June 04, 2012


Yeah, yeah, I do not post as a faithful blogger should.  I can't promise anything, but here is a short update:

  1. Container Gardening - I am attempting to grow pepper plants in planter pots.
  2. The air conditioner in my 2nd car, which I mainly use in the winter, died.  I noticed that the compressor does turn on if I switch the air flow to any of the windshield settings.  I will need to get this fixed before winter.  I am not looking forward to the cost
  3. Left Bicep Update - I have only done two very light workouts on my biceps with no issues.  I really need to get them back in shape for summer.  Curls for the Girls!
  4. Duquesne Light Sucks - From last week's storms, my power was out for about 14 hours.  A few years back, there were scheduled power outages as part of a plan to improve the infrastructure.  It did not help.

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