Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ed Hardy Born Wild Review - Initial Impression

I bought an Ed Hardy Born Wild for Men 3 Piece Gift Set at Marshall's for $24.99.  The retail price was $55.00 and the gift set included a 1.7 oz and 0.25 oz EDT spray bottles, and a 3.0 oz Hair/Body Wash.  A 1.7 oz EDT bottle retails for around $33.00, so I think I got a good deal.  So, what does it smell like?  It smells like a sweet fruity blend of orange and apple, that is also spicy.  There is also a floral note in the middle, then it dries down to a sweet, woody note.  There are not a lot of You Tube video reviews for this fragrance, but it has been described as sweet and geared more for teens and college students.  Even though I am over 40, I like the sweetness.  The most amazing thing is the longevity.  It lasted a good 7 hours on me.  After 12 hours, it is a skin scent, but I can still smell it.  Amazing!  I will have to try a couple more wearings to see if the sweetness is too heavy for summer. The name of the fragrance, Born Wild, is a complete opposite of what it smells like.  It is not wild at all, but a sweet fragrance.  For a first impression, I give Ed Hardy Born Wild a Thumbs Up!

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