Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weekly Workout Rewinds - June 2007

I apologize for being out of touch, so here are my Weekly Workout Rewind Updates for June 2007:

6/3/2007 – worked out all body parts over 4 days, 4 cardio sessions, and on Saturday, mowed the lawn and hand washed my car. A productive week.

6/10/2007 – completed 3 weightlifting sessions, missed working my biceps/triceps. Completed 3 cardio sessions. Mowed the lawn one day, and spent one morning waxing my car. Another productive week.

6/17/2007 – a disconnect this week. I only completed one weight lifting session, two cardio sessions, and mowed the lawn one day. I had to work late two evenings and this kind of blew up my schedule and motivation.

6/24/2007 – I completed two weightlifting session and two cardio sessions while I was out of town on business.

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