Thursday, November 13, 2008

OneCare is One Mess

I have had enough of Microsoft Windows Live OneCare. It is supposed to be an all in one suite for PC maintenance - security updates, virus software, firewall software, backup software, etc. OneCare is supposed to start automatically after the PC is rebooted and an icon should appear in the taskbar to indicate that it is active and working. Yesterday was the third time where OneCare would not start automatically on startup. The previous two times, I had to un-install and re-install to get it working again. For this third time, I just un-installed and did not reinstall. Sure, I like fixing PC problems since it is my chosen profession, but after 3 strikes, and one late night trying to fix it, enough is enough. I am going to call Microsoft to cancel my OneCare subscription. As an interim solution for my antivirus software, I installed AVG Anti Virus Free Edition. Damn you Bill Gates!

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