Thursday, December 14, 2006

Biceps Tendonitis

I went to an orthopaedic surgeon today to check on my biceps injury. Good news - it is not a biceps tendon rupture. Bad news - I have biceps tendonitis and the doctor told me not to work out my upper body for 3 weeks. A rupture would have meant surgery, physical rehab, etc. so I am happy I will only be out of commission for 3 weeks. I will still be able to work out my legs and concentrate on my cardio sessions.

An Occupational Therapist made a custom arm/elbow split for me. I need to wear it at night when I sleep and during the day as needed. When I wear the splint, I feel like I am 3CPO from Star Wars because my forearm and upperarm are held in place at a specific angle. The Occupational Therapist was cute, friendly, had a pleasant personality, and expressed genuine concern for my well being. She put some sunshine in my cloudy day. I am still bummed out about not being able to work out my upper body. I will need to reduce my calorie intake and watch my diet more carefully for the next 3 weeks.

Later Kids!

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