Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Weekly Workout Rewind - 12/17/2006

I forgot to keep track of my workouts last week. It was a quiet week at work until Wednesday, when I worked late both Wednesday and Thursday, so I missed a couple of workouts. Last week was also week 2 of not being able to work my upper body due to my doctor's recommendation for my biceps tendonitis. I did manage 3 cardio sessions, used weights on my legs once, and worked my abs twice. Diet wise, it was a bad week. My neighbor gave me a bunch of homemade cookies. At work, I attended three different luncheons. I spent the weekend at my mother's house through Christmas, and of course, lots of food, main courses, and desserts. I am back in my house till Friday, so I can complete some cardio, and eat a little healthier. I have not attempted to step on my bodyweight scale simply because I know the readings will be bad. Later kidz.

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