Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Keifer Sutherland

Happy Birthday to Keifer Sutherland! The star of Fox's TV Show '24' is 40 years old today. 24 is my absolute favorite TV show. This weekend, I bought Season 5 of 24 on DVD from Circuit City for about $35. For a new release, it was a good price. The first thing I watched was the Season 6 Prequel. It was sponsored by Toyota and it featured the new RAV4 as a getaway vehicle. I was a little disappointed with the Season 6 Prequel, maybe the commercialization had something to do with it. Here are just a few reasons why I like 24:

  • Great storylines

  • Superb acting

  • It is addictive

  • The plot twists make it very suspenseful

  • Someone gets interrogated by Jack in his own special way

  • Jack gets interrogated by the bad guys

  • Jack is a tough guy, but a smart, resourceful tough guy

  • A main character is guaranteed to get knocked off at some point in the season, but you never know who

  • The female characters are babes

The 2 hour season premiere of Season 6 of 24 is January 14th at 8:00PM on Fox TV. Mark your calendars.

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