Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Annual Pirates Game

Last night, I got together with two of my alumni buddies from Pitt for our annual Pirates game. We usually go in September, but Jim decided a few months ago to go last night for the Pie Traynor Coin Promotion. The weather was very warm, so it felt like September, but it was a little windy. The Pirates were their usual selves after 14 years, losing the game. On a positive note, the female Pirates fans were looking very cute in their summer attire, so it was a good night for watching the ladies.

On a sad note, I learned that Jim's father passed away on 5/4/2007. Jim's father was a big baseball fan, so it was a funny feeling attending this game. Jim usually picked a game based on the promotional give away, and the trinket always went to his father. This post is dedicated to Jim's father.

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