Wednesday, May 30, 2007

100 Hits and Counting

For the first time in my blog's one year history, it has received over 100 Hits today. From Statcounter, as of 10:15PM today, my blog has 168 page loads and 119 unique visitors. So, what is the big event that triggered this? Today, is Rebecca Hower's last day on KDKA TV. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette originally reported this on March 6, 2007, and I added a post to my blog about this sad news the same day. Early this morning, I started receiving a number of hits from people Google'ing for info on Rebecca Hower. I have a feeling the news of her leaving was broadcast on the early AM newscast this morning. I am flattered to have received all the hits to my blog, but saddened that it was news that Rebecca Hower is leaving KDKA TV. She was liked by both female and male viewers. She was attractive, intelligent, professional, respected, and very personable. She was my favorite local female TV newscaster. I do not understand the fascination that a lot of male viewers had for Julie Bologna, Rececca Hower is so much more attractive, both outside and inside.

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