Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rebecca Hower Leaving KDKA

Update, 5/30/2007: Today was Rebecca Hower's last day on KDKA TV. It was announced this morning on the early news broadcast. Good Luck and Best Wishes to Rebecca Hower. KDKA TV posted a news item on their website about Rebecca's departure.

Today is a sad day in Western Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that KDKA Meteorologist Rebecca Hower is leaving on May 30. Her husband, a gastroenterologist, has accepted a job in her hometown of Erie.

Rebecca Hower is my favorite female local TV personality. She is the ultimate combination of beauty, brains, and personality. She looks fabulous, even after having two children. She stated she will be taking a year off from work to spend more time with her children.

I have a married female friend whose husband works, while she is a stay at home mother for their 3 year old daughter. My friend really cherishes the time she spends with her daughter. If you have the opportunity and finances to be a stay at home mother, do so. It is precious time that only happens once.

Yes, I am sad that Rebecca Hower is leaving. But I am happy that she will be able to spend more time with her children.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I wondered what happened to her. I watch all the time, and missed a day or 2 and she was gone. Best of luck to her, will be missed.