Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekly Workout Rewind - 3/11/2007

I completed 3 weightlifting workouts (I missed working out my biceps and triceps), and 3 cardio sessions. My boss's boss was visiting Central Pennsylvania, so one day last week I had to get up early and get home late for a very long day trip. This essentially eliminated an available day for me to work out. Cutting down on my carbohydrate intake has actually made me lose more weight than I really wanted to. Most of my pants are falling off of me. It is nice to be thin, but I have actually lost a little too much weight. I am a so called "hard gainer". It is difficult for me to gain weight. I have to change my weightlifting sessions somehow: more reps, more poundages, different exercises, to shock my body and gain more muscle mass. I also have to do this without sustaining injury. I will see how this goes.

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