Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Curls for the Girls

You may have heard of the phrase "Curls for the Girls". It suggests that you should complete a lot of biceps curls to make your arms look bigger. Most people do not realize that the triceps muscles are responsible for almost two-thirds the size of the arm. So, if you really want your arms to look big, you should not work out your biceps in favor of the triceps. For an overall fitness program, you should work out all body parts.
Last Sunday was my "arm" workout day - biceps and triceps. For triceps, I increased the poundages and sets. For biceps, I just increased the sets. I sleep on my back, and as I was sleeping, I right elbow felt tingly - almost like I had bumped the funny bone on my elbow. I have had this sensation in the past, but a very long time ago. I believe the increase in sets for the biceps combined with a history of overuse injuries, resulted in my discomfort. I am really just trying to say that because of past injuries, I have to be careful when I work out my biceps. I may have to limit my biceps work, and work more on my triceps.

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