Thursday, August 02, 2007

One Flush, Two Flush, Wait, No Flush

Yesterday, I had to drive on the PA Turnpike for a business trip, and I stopped at the newly remodeled Oakmont Service Plaza at Milepost 49.3 Eastbound. The Plaza was nicely done. Spacious inside and the parking lot was repaved/realigned so 18 wheelers could not park next to passenger vehicles. The most noticable change was the Waterless No-Flush Urinals in the Men's Room. The company that makes these urinals has a page on their website explaining how they work. Do they work? Yes they do, and odors are actually blocked so the bathroom does not smell.
Some of the Service Plazas have an infrared sensor to automatically flush when you are done. Others still have the standard manual flush handle. On my way back home I stopped at the Blue Mountain Service Plaza at Milepost 202.5 Westbound. My sense of smell is the best of my 5 senses, and I could immediately pick up the urine odor as I walked in the Men's Room. I finished my business as fast as I could because the stench was very unpleasant.

If you prefer clean bathrooms, you should avoid the Sideling Hill Service Plaza at Milepost 172.3. This Service Plaza is accessible by both eastbound and westbound traffic, meaning more people traffic. During peak 3 day holiday weekends, this Plaza can get very busy with travelers from both the east and west. The Ladies restrooms become extremely busy and a long line usually forms.

So, if you are traveling east on the PA Turnpike, stop at the Oakmont Service Plaza and check out the Waterless No-Flush Urinals.

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