Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekly Review - 7/30/2006

I managed to complete 3 workouts and mowed the lawn one day. I worked all bodyparts except my triceps. Since recovering from my cold and working late one week to complete a project, I have not kept track of the amount of sleep I am getting as well as after work nap times. Yesterday, I woke up earlier than usual and worked late. I did not get enough sleep time and no after work nap. Today I took a nap after work, but I still felt tired, so I only completed a cardio session, no weights. I have been keeping track of my bodyweight. Here are my readings from yesterday: weight=144.5 lbs, fat=8.5 %, water=72%. Compared to the three weeks that I did not work out, my bodyweight is back down as well as my bodyfat.

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