Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weekly Review - 8/6/2006

I lifted weights 3 times, one extra cardio session, and I mowed the lawn once. I did not work all bodyparts. I missed working my biceps and triceps. Even though I did complete more cardio last week, my stomach still has a little bulge to it. My shirt size is a tight medium or a loose large. I am in between sizes. All of my size 32 inch pants are loose on me, but I still have a little belly. I even think that my shoe size has gotten smaller. For dress shoes, I wear a size 9, size 9 1/2 seems too big for me. For athletic shoes, size 9 1/2 is good for me, size 9 is too tight. It sucks being in between two sizes. Do I need two separate wardrobes? Anyway, I should go now.

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