Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Annual Pirates Game - 9/16/2006

Four years ago, a friend of mine from Pitt and his friend started a tradition of attending a Pirates baseball game around the end of summer. The three of us share one thing in common - we all graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering. Jim graduated with me in 1985 and now lives in Virginia. Jim's friend, Gerry, graduated a few years before us and lives in the Burgh. Occassionally, my younger brother from Ohio, who also graduated from Pitt, but with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, also joined us. Jim usually picks the date to coincide with some type of giveaway. This year it was a Jack Wilson bobble head. Gerry attends a lot of Pirates games throughout the year, so he is in charge of buying the tickets. And I just show up.

Sure, the Pirates have not had a winning season in 14 years, but it is still a good time for several reasons: 1) reconnect with old buddies; 2) visit the best ball park in the U.S.; and 3) people (babe) watching. The game started with John Tucci, a groundskeeper for Rober Morris University, singing the national anthem. Mr. Tucci must have been nervous, because after a while, I thought his singing was a practical joke. I researched his name after the game and found out that Mr. Tucci has experience signing the national anthem for RMU sporting events. You can read more about Mr. Tucci at the following links:



It was a sellout crowd last Saturday. I found out that the NY Mets needed to win one game to clinch, but the lowly Pirates would not let them. There were a large number of Mets fans in the stands. There was a blonde Mets babe off to my right a few rows up with her boyfriend. A few rows below me there was a short, cute, but young brunette. Gerry lucked out last year. A young blond, probably not legal yet, sat right next to him. She was wearing a white rib tank, and had black and gold face paint. She was thin, but had a great figure.

There was one annoying Mets fan a few rows below me. One of the Pirates hit a foul ball down the 3rd base line. The ball boy picked the ball up and tossed it in the direction of a young boy, probably only 8-10 years old, when an adult wearing a Mets cap, about three seats to the left of the youngster, pushed his fat body in front of the boy and snagged the ball. The fans were furious and heckled the Mets fan for about 10 minutes. The Mets fan would not budge and give the ball to the boy, who was a Pirates fan. What an idiot, he stole the ball from the young kid. The crowd was getting louder and it got to the point where it could have disrupted the game. The ball boy did a wise thing. He ran to the Pirates dugout and got at least one, maybe two autographed balls, and handed them to the young kid. The crowd stopped their intense heckling, but occassionally someone would make a derogatory comment about the Mets idiot.

Anyway, the Pirates won in the bottom of the 9 th inning. It was a good evening, good weather, good company, a free bobble head, a few babes, a little heckling, and a win.

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