Saturday, September 30, 2006

KDKA News Babes

Have you ever noticed the number of attractive female reporters on the local TV stations? KDKA, WTAE, and WPXI all have a large number of attractive news babes on their staff. Which station has the best news babes? It is hard for me to give an objective analysis because, I do not have cable, and I get the best reception from KDKA, so I cannot judge the WPXI and WTAE that well. Why don’t I have cable? Partially because I am too cheap, plus if I had cable, I would spend too much unproductive time watching TV.

Since I can not compare station to station, I will just focus on KDKA, past and present, and then tell you my favorite news babe.

Sonni Abatta – young, attractive, petite, what else could you ask for. I believe she looked better when she first started with KDKA. She has gone through a lot of hair color and hair style changes, a couple too many in my opinion. I do not know why she keeps trying to change her look. She is not perfect. She is a bit too skinny and needs to add some meat on her bones.

Stephanie Watson – the newest babe who anchors the weekend newscasts. A very attractive brunette. Her newscasts seems to be robotic, I am waiting for her personality to peak through. When she is not anchoring a newscast, and reporting a story, she does seem to have an upbeat, pleasant, personality. At times she looks too perfect, but she is still good eye candy.

Kristine Sorensen – she has a perky personality, kind of like Mary Hart, but not annoying. She has spunk, plus she very rarely stumbles with her words. Marty Griffin did good marrying her.

Yvonne Zanos – an older lady, but she fights for consumer rights, so this counterbalances for her age.

Patrice King Brown – quite attractive for her age. Sometimes, she speaks too fast and stumbles with her words. She has been with KDKA for a long time, so years of service is a plus for her.

Susan Barnett – who could forget her? Blonde, petite, perky, Ahh ! I read somewhere she is in Philly now. Pittsburgh’s loss, Philly’s gain.

Alison Morris – cute, perky blonde, you only see her reports on early morning broadcasts.

Jennifer Antkowiak – cute as a button face, great personality. I lost count of how many kids she has.

Dr. Maria Simbra - can a practicing medical professional really look this attractive? Few and far between.

Who is my favorite? Drum roll please…
Rebecca Hower – She is such an attractive lady. Some guys think she is a makeover gone bad, but I have to disagree. On occasion, she has filled in with the morning news along with her weather duties. The close ups show how attractive her face really is. When she has filled in with the regular news, she does a very good job. No stumbling with words at all. Intelligence is attractive and her being a meteorologist is attractive. She looks great standing in front of a weather map. She is the whole package – Beauty, brains, face, figure, great speaking skills. I really did not care too much for Julie Bologna. JB was more of an attractive female who did the weather. Rebecca Hower is more intelligent, respected meteorologist who happens to be a babe.

I would have to say Kristine Sorensen has the best personality.

If I was considering youth only, I would say Sonni Abatta.

When I get reception for WTAE, my favorite news babe is Janelle Hall. Hot!


Anonymous said...

who can forget jessica borg

PittCheMBA said...

Ah yes... I Google'd Jessie, and she is in Philadelphia now, and is popular with the male viewers.

Anonymous said...

Stepahnie Warson is the "Babe"..I think she is hot, hot, hot...Check out the tribune review under fanf are for full lenght picture...WOW

Anonymous said...

Alison Morris is definitely HOT, Sonni Abatta is more attractive