Friday, September 08, 2006

Rockstar Supernova Thoughts

Has anyone been watching Rockstar Supernova? I have watched a few episodes and am impressed with Dilana. She has the look of a rock n roller - piercings, tattoos, multiple colors in her hair. This girl can sing. She kind of has a raspy, Bonnie Rait, type voice. She has done well singing traditional rock and roll as well as slower songs. The other female singer, Storm Large, is no longer on the show. She is a good singer, but not as good as Dilana. Storm Large is a major babe, but her looks could only take her so far. I enjoy listening to rock and alternative music when I work out. I like my music with an edge, and attitude. I like 80's music also, it takes me back to the days when music videos where so popular.

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