Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 New Years Fitness Resolutions

It is that time of the year to come up with New Years resolutions that I will never keep. This will be a twist on the traditional type of New Years resolutions, they will be fitness related New Years resolutions. I sat down and thought of 13 New Years Fitness Resolutions. Why 13? I came up with 12, but needed one more, so I made it 13, a baker's dozen. Here it is:

The first 4 are my personal 4 I's, not to be confused with Pittsburgh native and pro wrestler Kurt Angle's 3 I's (Intelligence, Integrity, and Intensity):

1. Intake - Diet, keep my fat intake low, eat clean foods, eat non processed foods in their most natural state

2. Iron - Weights, resistance training is part of my overall health plan.

3. Inhale - Aerobics or cardio is needed to keep your heart healthy and to burn calories.

4. Insomnia - Rest, I need to get more rest so my body can recuperate from the physical stress of working out.

5. Keep a detailed training log - My log has been more generalize, I need to put more detailed records so I can track my progress.

6. Work all bodyparts - I have been working my triceps indirectly by working my chest and my biceps indirectly by working my back. This is not good for my overall fitness level and balance for all body parts. This came to light due to my recent biceps tendonitis injury.

7. Work out smarter - Be injury free this year, do not over do it. I need to adjust my activity level based on my caloric intake.

8. Increase my cardio time.

9. Increase the poundages on my lifts.

10. Don't feel guilt about missing a workout.

11. Change/vary my workouts so I do not get bored.

12. Take my supplements - Nothing really extreme. Protein powder, vitamins, ginseng, joint supplements (glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin).

13. Make time for my workouts - Cut out non productive time like TV, video games, web surfing.

These are my personal fitness resolutions. Your's may be different based on your experience and fitness level. Good luck to all in your fitness resolutions!

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Julie_Gong said...

Good luck with all those resolutions.

I usually never make any because I know I'll break them. I made one this year though... drink more water. Its not going so well.