Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas LED Pics

Cynthia from My Brilliant Mistakes asked me how my LED Christmas lights look compared to regular incandescent bulbs. Here are a few pics I took with my Canon A520. This is the first time I have taken photos in the dark with my camera, so I am not sure how these will turn out. The LED lights were placed inside the window and not outside. The window glass kind of softens the LED's and creates some glare. They would look much better from outside, if they were placed outside. I enjoy viewing the lights from inside, and I think the LED's are just as bright as incandescent bulbs. I will let you judge for yourself. The lights are not perfectly straight, so I will never be able to compete with the Griswold's. This is a view from the street:

This is a view from the sidewalk:

This is an interior view from one of my bedroom windows:

When I bought these LED's at Wal Mart, another shopper spoke to me and said we live in a throw away society. He preferred to pay $2.00 for a 50 light incandescent set versus $10.00 for a 60 light LED set.

This year, the Capital Christmas Tree in Washington, DC was lit with LED lights.

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