Friday, December 14, 2007

Green Christmas

I decided to have a Green Christmas this year. Instead of the usual incandescent mini lights in my windows, I bought LED mini lights from my local Wal Mart. They were reduced from $10.00 to $7.00. Sure they are more expensive upfront, but in the long run, I will save money in energy costs. Just do not expect me to compete with Al Gore for the next Nobel Prize.


Cynthia Closkey said...

Every little bit of energy savings helps.

Do you like the look of your LED lights? Can you tell the difference from incandescent lights?

PittCheMBA said...

Hi Cynthia, Thanks for commenting on my little blog. I do like the look of my LED lights. Compared to incandescent lights, the LED's are softer and have a little less twinkle to them.