Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weekly Workout Rewind - 11/25/2007

After a 3 week layoff, I am back to cardio and leg only workouts. It is a weird feeling trying to get back into any rhythm, even just fitting in cardio on a regular basis. I am also completing a series of exercises recommended by my physical therapist for my tennis elbow. I can mimic everything from physical therapy at home except for the ultrasound treatments. I have noticed a small improvement in my elbow. Shaking someone's hand is not as painful on my elbow as it used to be, so that is a good sign. My health insurance for physical therapy is not the best, so I am only going to take two sessions per week instead of three. I am in the middle of watching the Steelers game, posting here, and winding down the day to get up earlier than normal for work, so I am signing off now. Later.

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