Saturday, November 04, 2006

Flu Shot

I got my flu shot this morning at the Northway Mall in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. I am not a senior citizen, so I paid $26.00 cash for the flu shot. There is supposed to be a good supply of the flu shot vaccine this year, so the line was short and I did not have to wait very long.

In some of the past years, there was a low supply of flu shot vaccine, and I had to wait in very long lines to get a shot. I blame the media for hyping the shortage and causing mass hysteria of people swarming to get a flu shot.

You can search for a flu shot clinic at the following web sites:

Health Hope Network, formerly Visiting Nurse Foundation

Maxim Health Systems

There are more flu shot clinics in Allegheny County than Butler County. If you live in Butler County, you may have to drive a little bit to either Zelienople, New Castle, Cranberry, or Mars.

I hope all my readers out there do not get the flu this year.

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