Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekly Review - 10/29/2006

I completed three weightlifting workouts, one cardio only day, and mowed the lawn once. It was a better week than I expected. I did miss working my biceps and triceps, but I did work the larger back and chest muscle groups. On each of my weightlifting workouts, I am also doing 15 minutes of cardio. It has taken me a while to work up to 15 minutes and it seems to be helping. The most visible sign is the increased vascularity (visible veins) on my arms. Being a middle aged guy, the fat comes off my abs last, and everywhere else first. Once I start increasing my cardio time, I may have to cut back on the cardio during weightlifting days, and add cardio only days on days I do not lift.

I will be working out of town from November 6-11, so it will be a challenge fitting in some workouts.

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