Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekly Review – 11/05/2006

I worked out of town in Virginia last week and was only able to complete one weight lifting workout and two cardio sessions. I worked ten hour days, so I did not have a lot of energy to workout. One night, I used the treadmill at the hotel’s exercise room, and used some resistance bands from The other nights, I just went through my 30 minute pre workout stretching routine. I will post about working out during business trips shortly.

As far as diet goes, I went off my usually “clean” diet. I tried to eat healthy, but two nights I decided to get dessert, which was not good for me. I weighted myself Saturday, and was surprised I did not gain any weight, but my body fat was up, and my water weight was down: weight=144.5 lbs, fat percent=10.5, water percent=68.5.

I will get back into my regular routine this week. Sometimes, it is good to take a week off, just to let your body recuperate.

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