Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nike Pro Vent Review 4

I was pleased to find that Nike's Europe website has a site with information about the Nike Pro Vent line of clothes Nike Pro Europe. The site explains how the clothes work, lists the 3 lines (tight, basic, and loose), and shows European athletes who endorse the product. I have been getting a ton of traffic from European visitors, so I am endorsing the product, but I am not a world class athlete, so I will never get a big product endorsement contract from Nike. What a shame.

I am a little puzzled why there is no U.S. site for the Nike Pro line. Maybe Nike does better outside of the U.S. Maybe Nike does not compete that well in the U.S. versus Under Armour.

I am receiving a huge amount of traffic from people searching for information about the Nike Pro Vent line of performance athletic clothing. So as a service to my readers, here is a list of my previous posts about Nike Pro Vent:

Nike Pro Vent Review 3 - This was my third most comprehensive review, including a graphic size chart, my personal review of the product, and where to buy.

Nike Pro Vent Review 2 - This was my second review, with a text only size chart.

Nike Pro Vent - This was my first review, when I first decided to buy it.

I went to Marshall's on Saturday hoping to find the long sleeve version of the Nike Pro Vent line. Winter is here and I wanted to wear a long sleeve version in my basement where my workout equipment is located. The thermostat for my furnace is set at 70 degrees, but the basement is about 5 degrees colder, so it was a little chilly wearing a short sleeve shirt in the basement. I was in luck, I was able to find three long sleeve Nike Pro Vent Tight shirts - black, gray, and hunter green. The retail price was $35.00, but the clothes were considered "Out of Season", so the price was cut down to $15.00. A successful shopping trip.

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