Saturday, October 28, 2006

Afton Mountain Fog

I worked late Friday night in Virginia and decided to stay overnight in Waynesboro, VA. I had to drive on I-64 West through the mountains. When I came through on Wednesday heading East on I-64, I noticed the signs warning that it was a fog prone area. Wednesday night was clear, but Friday night was rainy, and yes very foggy. After I passed mile 107, there was a sign warning motorists of upcoming fog the next six miles. The hotel was located at exit 96, and somewhere between mile 107 and 96 it became very foggy and the road was very windy. The first thing I noticed was that the road actually had lights built into the road along the right side of the right lane and along the left side of the left lane. These lights really helped. Visibility at certain stretches on the mountain was only a few car lengths. I was very nervous and literally had a death grip on the steering wheel. I made it to the exit and hotel safely. I was so relieved.

When I got home on Saturday, I searched for I-64 and learned that I was driving through Afton Mountain. Here is a link from Wikipedia. The lighting system is called
Automated Pavement Lighting. I found out there is also a webcam and 800 number where you can get updated traffic/weather conditions. If I ever have to travel to Virginia again, I will check the traffic/weather conditions and possibly have an alternative route planned.

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