Monday, October 23, 2006

Cold Wendy's

I went to the Wendy's on Rt 356 today because I wanted to stop at the Target over lunch. From past experience, I should have remembered that this Wendy's is always cold in the winter. It seems like they do not keep the heat on overnight and do not turn on the heat until the workers arrive in the morning. By lunchtime, the building is still cold. I arrived around 12:30PM, it was about two-thirds full, but still cold. For the most part, I usually order salads or something healthy when I dine out for lunch. Since it was cold, I ordered a Taco Salad. I have been to a few restaurants that were always cold at lunchtime in the winter because they were cheap with the heating. I do not think that the Wendy's at the Clearview Mall has this problem. The next time I am up that way, I will check it out. It is not a good sign when you sit in a restaurant during lunch, and almost all the customers are still wearing their coats.

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