Saturday, October 21, 2006

PA State Car Inspection

Yesterday, I had my car inspected to comply with Pennsylvania's annual vehicle inspection. I had a coupon for a $6.00 inspection. Of course, this was only the vehicle inspection and did not include the emissions testing, sticker, or anything else they could find. I dropped my car off at 8:00 AM and the shop did not call me until 2:30 PM. They told me I needed new wiper blades and the brakes needed adjusted. They told me the brake adjustment would cost $20.00, so I said OK, proceed with the work. I picked up the car around 3:45 PM.

My bill totaled almost $100.00. How? Well first off, they charged me about $15.00 a piece for each wiper blade. Not a wiper blade refill, but the refill with a whole blade assembly. That is damn expensive. I checked Advanced Auto Part's website, and whole wiper blades cost anywhere from $8.00 to $20.00. However, there were only a few around the $20.00 range. These wipers better last forever. They claimed that my wiper blades were streaking. With all the rain, I have been using the wipers, but they seemed fine to me. $20.00 for the brake adjustment, $40.00 for the emission testing, plus some other miscellaneous stuff brought the bill to almost $100.00. Even though I had the coupon, they always find someone stupid that needs replaced. Usually it is a lightbulb, but I guess they are cheaper than wiper blades. I am glad I only have to get a car inspection once a year. What a rip off!

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